Thomas Sawyer is a storyteller.

His mission in life is to use his talents to share his story and the stories of those around him. His energy is focused on making things that motivate, encourage, and uplift the people around him. His passion for capturing honest, engaging narratives allows him to bring out the best in his subjects and document the intricacies of their story that are often overlooked.

Artisans Series

Artisans is a fast paced, music driven video series documenting artists, craftsmen, and creators at work. Thomas is fascinated by the process and the detail behind how things are made and he uses his skills to showcase that not only are these makers creating art, but their process is art itself. In this episode, Thomas takes a look in the kitchen of Cleveland’s favorite beer & donut bar and tells the story of how Brewnuts came to be. It’s stories like these that peak Thomas’ interest and spark a fire of creativity. Artisans was featured in the Cleveland International Film Festival in 2017.

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Interior & Exterior

Thomas has worked on a number of in projects with companies such as The NRP Group, Keller Williams, Architetta, William Thomas Homes, Hinkley Lighting, and many more. The video featured is an interior walkthrough of Sapphire Creek Winery & Gardens in Chagrin Falls, OH.

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