Everything I use to create

My favorite aspect of this camera is the face-detection. The use is a no brainer for video, but it also comes in handy shooting portraits.
This was the first non-stock lens I owned. It's great in low-light and provides great depth, but it can be challenging when faced with small spaces.
When you're a broke artist shooting with 50mm on a crop-sensor camera and you get a wide angle lens that still has depth and doesn't break the bank, it's life changing.
Great lens for filming yourself. If you are looking to start vlogging or filming videos of yourself, I highly recommend this lens.
I have this clipped to my bag at all times and I can barely tell it's there. My ONLY complaint that it is a tiny bit too short. I just wish this thing was like 18-24" taller.
I have nothing but love for this mic. As long as it's on, I know it's doing it's job. It has a function that eliminates wind noise (to an extent) and there are 3 settings to control the gain.
This thing comes in more handy than you think. Not just for vlogging. But mostly vlogging.
I have no complaints with the function of the Ronin M, but I will most likely be swapping it out for something more compact in the near future.
I use this to record my podcast as well as to record audio from my lapel mic when shooting talking heads.
Podcast mics. These things live in the bottom of my bag with the recorder. Ready to go at a moment's notice.
They function. That's the best I can say about these stands. I can't really complain about them, but all-in-all I'm not crazy about them.
I have a 13-inch 2014 Laptop with 2.6 GHz Intel Core i5, 8GB of memory, and a 250GB SSD. It's time for an upgrade soon.
I offload everything from my cameras onto this then do a backup of this to Google Drive. Always have two of everything.
I have one of these at all times. One lives with my computer and one lives with camera. Always able to access my files no matter where I am.
I have four Sandisk cards deployed in my setup - a 64GB card that lives in my 70D, a 32GB card in my audio recorder, and two 64GB micro SD cards that live in my drone and my GoPro.
Whenever I need to offload footage, but don't want to haul all my gear with me, I throw the cards in here. Make sure you put the cards back though.
I have a love/hate relationship with drones. They are brilliant tools and can take your work to another level, but at a certain point they can get in the way. There's a very real possibility of this leaving my gear rack in 2018.
Probably my least used piece of equipment, but I recently started running and this has made capturing my runs effortless. I forget how nice it is to have a camera that fits in your pocket (other than a phone).