Everything I use to create


My favorite aspect of this camera is the face-detection. The use is a no brainer for video, but it also comes in handy shooting portraits. I typically shoot portraits with a 50mm 1.4 so being able to open up Live View, flip on autofocus, and have the face-detection works so smoothly in such shallow depth of field makes my workflow a lot quicker. For me, being in the moment is far more important than doing everything by hand.

50MM F/1.4

This was the first non-stock lens I owned. At one point, this was the only lens I owned. Only having a fixed focal lens challenged me and forced me to get think outside the box. It's great in low-light and provides great depth, but it can be challenging when faced with small spaces. Great lens, but maybe don't make it your only lens unless you find great joy in creative problem solving.


The wide angle was an impulse purchase. I wanted to start vlogging and I knew a lot of people used 10-18s. It works wonderfully for shooting video. Surprisingly, I found another great use for this lens: Event Photography. Pair this lens with an speedlite mounted on top of the camera and pointed straight ahead makes for a great event photography setup especially if you are shooting in a dark environment.

24MM F/2.8

In my opinion, this is the most underrated lens that Canon makes. When you're a broke artist shooting with 50mm on a crop-sensor camera and you get a wide angle lens that still has depth and doesn't break the bank, it's life changing. Highly recommend. Even if it just sits at the bottom of your bag until that one opportunity where you need this exact lens, it's worth it. Highly recommend the pancake lens.


I love this thing. I'm all about being light and mobile so I was forever without a tripod. I have this clipped to my bag at all times and I can barely tell it's there. My ONLY complaint that it is a tiny bit too short. Being just about 6 feet tall, it is impossible to use this thing to film myself unless I'm seated. I just wish this thing was like 18-24" taller. Other than that, perfect tripod.


I have nothing but love for this mic. It does it's job. I don't have to worry about it. As long as it's on, I know it's doing it's job. It has a function that eliminates wind noise (to an extent) and there are 3 settings to control the gain. Great tool for vloggers or videographers who want to set up their audio game.


This thing comes in more handy than you think. Not just for vlogging. But mostly vlogging.


The Ronin is the first stabilizer I have ever owned. In the past, I have had the opportunity to use a Glidecam on set and it never felt like a good fit for me. Even though the weight changes when I swap lens, I only have to make the minor tweaks to adjustments the camera's center of gravity on the stabilizer and I can be back in to shoot within minutes rather than having to mess with weights. Overall, it is an excellent tool.


I started my podcast using this guy with just the on-board mics. It's not the cheapest place to start, but I really like it because it works fine by itself and then when you're ready to upgrade to microphones, you don't have to go out and buy another piece of gear because you can just plug them right into the device you're already comfortable using. Definitely a solid place to build from.

Podcast Mics

Solid mics. Anyone in audio has a couple of these lying around and they can take a beating. Very durable. The removable windscreen is a wonderful bonus. When I'm recording in areas with little wind and noise pollution, I like prefer to use the pop-filter from my mic stand. The difference is sound may be all in my head, but I really appreciate the flexibility of this mic.



They function. That's the best I can say about these stands. I can't really complain about them, but all-in-all I'm not crazy about them.


I have a 13-inch 2014 Laptop with 2.6 GHz Intel Core i5, 8GB of memory, and a 250GB SSD. This machine has been nothing but great to me, but this year we're getting a bit of an upgrade – more storage and more speed. Gotta start handling 4k editing. When I get the new machine, I'll make sure to do a full write up!


I offload everything from my cameras onto this then do a backup of this to Google Drive. Always have two of everything.


I have one of these at all times. One lives with my computer and one lives with camera. Always able to access my files no matter where I am.


I have never used anything other than Sandisk cards. They've never let me down. I currently have four Sandisk SD Cards deployed in my set up. First, there is a 64GB card that lives in my 70D. Even if I'm shooting photo and video in the same session, I can still get through with room to spare. Secondly, there is a 32GB card in my audio recorder. I format it every couple of uses just to be safe, but even still I could probably get away without formatting it for six months. Lastly, I have two 64GB micro SD cards that live in my drone and my GoPro. Sandisk all around and I never have to worry. (Not sponsored, but totally would be if asked.)


This is the best thing in my bag. Stick with me here – This thing lives in my bag, but it's always empty. When I leave the house to edit and don't want to lug my 25lb+ camera bag, I take my laptop in a saddle bag which means my camera and audio recorder stays at home. If I need to get something off of a memory card, I throw the card in this case and keep the case in my hand until I get to my editing destination. I plug the card in, offload the footage, put the card back, and set it on the table by my laptop. When I pack up all my things, I keep the case in my hand. When I get home, the first thing I do is put the card back in the camera/recorder and the case goes back in my camera bag. That way, every time I go to shoot the card is always in my camera and even on the off chance that I forget to put the card in camera, it's still in the case which is also in the camera bag. Boom.


I have a love/hate relationship with drones. They are brilliant tools and can take your work to another level, but at a certain point they can get in the way. There's a very real possibility of this leaving my gear rack in 2018.


Probably my least used piece of equipment, but I recently started running and this has made capturing my runs effortless. I forget how nice it is to have a camera that fits in your pocket (other than a phone).