All of the things

The face-detection is my favorite aspect. The most accurate auto-focus I've ever used.
The 50mm is great in low-light and provides great depth, but can be challenging in small spaces.
A wide angle lens that still has depth and doesn't break the bank, it's life changing.
Great wide lens for vlogging and shooting in small spaces. Challenging in low light.
Pros: Compact, lightweight, and inexpensive. Cons: Short and not very durable.
Rechargeable battery and automatically turns on with camera. Favorite Mic.
This thing comes in more handy than you think. Not just for vlogging. But mostly vlogging.
Upgraded from the S to the SC. Beast of a stabilizer for being so light and compact.
I use this to record audio from my lapel mic when shooting talking heads.
I have used this wireless lapel mic for talking heads since 2011 and it's never let me down.
Podcast mics. Three of these live in the bottom of my bag. Ready to go at a moment's notice.
Four track recorder for podcasts and video shoots where I'm able to record straight to Garageband.
DJI Mavic 2 Pro. This little guy replaced my Phantom 4 and I couldn't be happier.
My least used piece of gear. You don't need it except for that one moment you absolutely do.
I'm not sponsored by Sandisk, but I would be if they asked. Only SD card brand that I trust.
New to my setup! Beautiful, dimable white light with a wireless remote.
New to my setup! You already know what soft boxes do.. They make light soft.
The stand alone supports the softbox. Attach the 4ft arm and it becomes an overhead rig.
Pros: No more setting up a stand. Cons: drilling into walls against your landlord's instructions.
Office photography backdrop setup: White, Gray, & Black Seamless – 53" x 36'
Trusty backpack. It's not perfect, but it gets my gear where I need to go without breaking my back.
All my self portraits are with a phone. This allows me to attach it to my tripod.
Quick release plates so I can go from gorillapod to tripod in seconds.
All my current project live on this then do a backup to Google Drive as soon as I'm done.
I host my website and my podcast on Squarespace. Best non-coding website builder I've used.
I've been using Adobe Premiere since 2010. I've tried Avid and Final Cut, but nothing compares.
I started out on Photoshop, but Lightroom's organization and batch-edit features won me over.
Useful for when I need to erase unwanted objects from photos, but that's about it for me.
I backup my laptop and all my final files on Google Drive. I pay for 1TB, but first 2GBs are free.
I use Quickbooks Small Business to track expenses, invoice clients, and accept payments.
If you're looking to experience a city as a local, what better way than to live like one?
Genius Link is how I track all of my links and make sure that all of my affiliate codes are working.
Great way to find music for video with a more personal touch. Always ask for permission.
Eclectic music archive with a monthly YouTube Creator subscription plan.
I don't have any fashion sense so someone picks out my clothes and ships them to me.