Thomas Sawyer

Thomas found his love of photographing people in 2008 while on a 2 week trip to volunteer in El Salvador. It was here that he learned he could use photography as a way to communicate and make others happy, which became the cornerstone of his work.

The main focus of Thomas’s work is honesty and authenticity. His work is almost journalistic in a sense that he truly only cares about capturing the true nature of people. Each photograph is a memory of the subject at a certain moment in their story. It doesn’t matter if that moment is good or bad. It just matters that it’s true.

During his exploration through photography, Thomas also fell in love with video. Music had played a huge role in his life and being able to pair that with moving pictures – it was kismet. In the spring of 2016, Thomas started working on “Artisans" – a fast paced, music driven video series documenting artists, craftsmen, and creators at work – which was featured in the Cleveland International Film Festival in 2017. 

Thomas puts his heart in everything he does. He uses his work as a means to encourage and inspire the only way he knows how – honestly.

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