Thomas Sawyer is a storyteller.

His mission in life is to use his talents to share his story and the stories of those around him. His energy is focused on making things that motivate, encourage, and uplift the people around him. 


Constantly creating

Thomas has worked alongside brands like Quaker, T-Mobile, Volvo, Progressive Insurance, and many more. His passion for capturing honest, engaging narratives allows him to bring out the best in his subjects and document the intricacies of their story that are often overlooked.

Tell me your story

The Thomas Sawyer Podcast is a weekly show that dives into the reality of being a creative, imperfect human. From the beginning, Thomas has always spent more time talking with his subjects than photographing them so it made sense to make it a priority to be around people he wanted to talk to. With respect was his compass, he started to spending more time with  people whose business, art, or general demeanor he found admirable. He instantly noticed insane personal growth, which lead him to think, "If these conversations are so helpful to me, there have to be other people out there that could benefit from them as well" and thus the podcast was born. The Thomas Sawyer Podcast is available on Apple PodcastsGoogle Play, and Stitcher.