Thomas Sawyer
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the People's Content Creator

Thomas Sawyer is a storyteller. His mission in life is to use his talents to share his story and stories of those around him. Whether it's through shooting portraits, making videos, hosting his weekly podcast, and giving talks on his experiences, his energy is entirely focused on making things that motivate, encourage, and uplift the people around him. 


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Shortly after Thomas started taking portraiture seriously, he realized that he spend more time talking with my subjects than photographing them and it might make more sense, when inviting people to have their portrait taken, to focus on people he wanted to talk to. Respect was his compass. He started to invite people whose business, art, or general demeanor he found admirable. Within the first week, he noticed that not only were things going exceedingly well for his business, but his mentality was much clearer. It began a season of insane personal growth which lead him to think, "If these conversations are so helpful to me, there have to be other people out there that could benefit from them as well" and thus the podcast was born. The Thomas Sawyer Podcast is available on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, and Google Play.